Love story that even have after re birth: Mehabooba

Love story that even have after re birth: Mehabooba

Mehabooba is a south indiantelugu film written and directed bashyPuriJagannath. He is one of the famous directors in tollywood for his style of story writing and filmmaking. He has introduced a lot of actors and actresses into telugu film industry and now he introduces his own son in the lead role. This film is a debut for Akashpuri as a lead role, he was a child artist back then but now a full fledged hero. The is a romantic drama film released in the year 2018 and a must watch film if you are a fan of Puri. It is one of those romance movies love stories that even have after re birth.


Cast and Crew:

Actor: AkashPuri

Actress: Neha Shetty

Other actors: PramodChowdary, SreedharAr, Uday Kumar Bagavathula

Director: PuriJagannadh

Art Director: Shaik Jonny

Banner: PuriJagannadh Touring Talkies

Producer: Purijagannadh, Charmy Kaur

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Cinematography: Vishnu Sarma

Editing: Junaid Siddiqui

Written By: PuriJagannadh, Thatavarthi Kiran, A. Sreedha

Other information:

Runtime:  2h 32min

Release date: 11 May 2018

Genre:  Action, Drama, Romance

Box Office:

Story line:

The story revolves around a young couple who struggle to find their way to a happy life in the midst of a war zone. Akashpuri as Roshan is a young and mindful individual who aims to become a part of the army. His goal is to enter the indian military and serve the nation from external forces as a man. Afreen played by nehasherma, is a young beautiful muslim girl who transfered to a new place to continue her studies and both fall in love with each other only to realize lately that they were reunited. They used to love each other in childhood but due to the crisis between india and pakistan, the war made the disperse into different lands and both by fate, eventually reconciled with each other. As being a part of the army, Roshan is now not ready to lose her again in the war zone and what he does to take care of his love from being apart is an emotional journey they go through.

Technical Aspects:

  • Story is a beautiful story which makes you understand the value and a sensitive fight for their love win.
  • Music is just to enjoy and feel the win of love with happiness and its pain.
  • Screenplay was on point of edge to create enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Direction of the was just so dramatic as it was written, a must watch movie to know the struggle of a soldier and his love life.

Artist Performance:

  • Being a child actor Akashpuri had a little innocent look on his face all the time, but with this movie he has proved to be a man! A strong man.
  • Neha Sheety is very cute and extremely beautiful and talented.
  • All the supporting actors has done a fabulous job throughout the movie in each and every bit.

You can see this movie over 100 times. So do watch Mehabooba movie online as its a romance movie it will hit a rush of emotions.

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