Assisting businesses in their expansion and evolution

Assisting businesses in their expansion and evolution

Companies that are successful today and in the future have sound business foundations and strategies in place, use cutting-edge technology, and innovative business practises, and extend their operations to new markets. The edg branding grant, provided by enterprise Singapore, is meant to support firms in establishing and changing their operations in a highly competitive market. Using the financial assistance offered by this grant, projects aimed at upgrading, creating, or even extending into new markets may be fed and supported.

Educate, develop, and grow’s aim is to support Singaporean firms in expanding and reforming their operations in order to prepare them for the future and the global market. Achieving this requires backing three pillars: fundamental competencies, innovation and productivity, and market accessibility. If you look at it as a development, anything from developing internal core capabilities to innovating for productivity growth and finally growing worldwide is possible.

Aid to establish core competencies

Services provided by consultancies and solution providers that provide technical advice and hands-on expertise in developing new technologies initiatives that are fresh new and have not yet produced any revenue at the time of the grant proposal will only be considered for assistance by the EDG.

You may be able to utilise the EDG to help offset some of the costs connected with growing your business into new foreign markets. The grant is separated into three: core capabilities, innovation and productivity, and market access, which is used to finance a wide range of activities in several different business areas.

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