Feng Shui Jewelry Tips for the Wedding Day

Feng Shui Jewelry Tips for the Wedding Day

A wedding is one of life’s significant occasions. There is nothing more awful than having things turn out badly on such a significant day. It could be viewed as foreboding for the marriage when the big day turns out badly. Why not get the big day directly as a decent start for the couple. ¬†Feng Shui is a device utilized by numerous individuals in the Far East (Asia) to get the occasion run easily yet in addition, give the upbeat couple a decent start in their new lives. ¬†Legend has it that Yueh Lao, the Old Man of the Moon in Chinese folklore, foreordains and directs the relationships of humans. It is said that he attaches a red line to the potential accomplices to join them together as a couple. Henceforth, one of the images in feng shui for a cheerful relationship or to draw in sentiment’ is to put a couple of mandarin or yin/yang ducks tied with a red string, in the south west part of a room.

  1. Favorable Date and Time:

Solicitation from a feng shui advisor a favorable date and time for the wedding. Indeed, even the declaration of the commitment date should fall on an auspicious day

  1. Wedding Dress:

In a customary Chinese wedding, the lady of the hour dons red and gold and never white. Be that as it may, in the west, where a red wedding outfit will most likely send the vicar up the congregation steeple. A white wedding dress is fine, with regards to western convention. Be that as it may, the lady of the hour could slyly wear red suspenders alongside the conventional thigh strap in blood red, under her outfit, for good karma – also a ploy for titillating the lucky man on the wedding night. Red is a shading which radiates yang vitality that will touch off the energy on the vacation night!

Feng Shui Jewelry

  1. Wedding bands:

For the wedding bands, the man of the hour ought to have a five-hook mythical serpent badge while the lady of the hour should wear a ring with the Feng Huang or red phoenix etching deo nhan phong thuy menh Thuy. The joining between the Dragon and Phoenix is a definitive image of good karma and conjugal ecstasy.

  1. Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards in red and gold with the Dragon and Phoenix image grasping a Twofold Happiness calligraphic sign will carry favorable karma to the couple and to the family and visitors at the wedding.

  1. Wedding Cake:

Enliven the conventional white wedding cake with a red Twofold Happiness calligraphy for favorable luck.

6, Wedding Carriage:

Deck the wedding carriage to the congregation with red and gold strips. The mix of red and gold is the most propitious shading in feng shui to improve good karma.

  1. Wedding Reception:

Ensure the wedding gathering scene is in an open and brilliant corridor with no substantial pillars over the space to hurt the wedding party. Serve the dinners on round tables as they are more favorable and more agreeable than long tables. Utilize red, gold or yellow napkins for favorable luck.

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