Product and pricing of NASDAQ Total View

Product and pricing of NASDAQ Total View

Nasdaq TotalView is the main information feed for genuine dealers, giving profundity of-book information that engages speculators with bits of knowledge drawn from statements and requests for all Nasdaq-, NYSE-and territorial recorded protections on NASDAQ. It shows the full profundity of requests on the NASDAQ market, including amounts at the individual offers and asks, empowering supporters of skill orders are dispersed all through the market.

That each speculator ought to approach the best apparatuses to completely comprehend what’s going on the lookout. Nasdaq TotalView can assist customers with settling on more educated choices. The more a financial specialist thinks about basic value tension on a stock, the all the more exchanging systems become noticeable to them, and the more certainty they’ll have in those techniques. We profoundly esteem each customer, paying little mind to resource size, accepting that innovation can enable exchanging and help bring budgetary achievement. We are devoted to utilizing the soul of advancement to improve the abilities of worldwide financial specialists who need to put resources into U.S. values.

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NASDAQ TotalView Bookmap

dxFeed Bookmap is a creative information representation stage offering a serious interface to screen the elements of Depth of Market (DOM) and the advancement of the request book. NASDAQ TotalView Bookmap gives its clients an unmistakable and straightforward perspective available, enabling them to settle on better choices with new data. At the center of dxFeed Bookmap is the Order-Book Heat-Map. This amazing asset gives the client an away from of the elements of market profundity and the likelihood to screen its advancement over the long haul.

Uses of NASDAQ TotalView

You won’t have the option to see all requests from all market members and all liquidity with simply a level 2 feed that is just conceivable with Nasdaq TotalView. It’s likewise a fundamental information feed for dealers who have systems that require the Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) information for the opening and shutting barters. This enables those merchants to see request awkwardness close by demonstrative clearing costs and the continuous notion. This gives the capacity for dealers to see genuine Buy and Sell revenue and ideally to make new exchanging methodologies of this information.

The cost distinction is little between Level 2 and TotalView information alternatives, we are talking around 4 dollars at the hour of composing yet both require a level 1 feed. This alternative for the more refined or experienced merchant is fundamental. This is an information feed alternative that you will discover a great deal of markdown expedites just won’t offer. ¬†Using this tool to buy stocks like NASDAQ: BDSX.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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