What You May Not Know Massage as a Frozen Shoulder Treatment?

What You May Not Know Massage as a Frozen Shoulder Treatment?

Have you ever considered massage as a frozen shoulder treatment? If not, then you are missing a very effective part of alleviating shoulder pain and gaining functional range of movement. The easy art of human contact can work wonders for pain relief, but when combined with the knowledge of where and how to touch or massage, the results can be amazing. You do not even need to be a massage therapist or a body major to provide a massage to someone with a frozen shoulder, but a couple of pointers can help make it an effective therapy. To Begin with, whenever possible use heat, rather moist heat before starting the massage session. This open capillaries and allows blood to soften the tissues of the shoulder complex. Moist heat can be in the form of a warm shower, a tub, or applying a heating pad or heated rice batter on a damp bath towel. Apply the heat for around 15-20 minutes. If you are diabetic then take additional precautions to prevent burns if using a heating pad as the skin may not have normal sensation.

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Next, begin the Treatment with the individual sitting upright and using light crossing strokes, known as effleurage, across the top, front, and back of the shoulder girdle. No pressure should be implemented in this portion of the session.  After that, start skin rolling round the back, side and Trapezius. This is done by taking a small roll of skin between the thumb, index and middle fingers. While applying constant pressure with the thumbs of both hands, roll the skin in various directions by walking your palms and across the shoulder and upper back area.

This also should continue for around 5 minutes. With this point anyone with a frozen shoulder will consider this massage therapy the best instant pain relief around getting the frozen shoulder singapore. Next, Apply graduated Pressure to the very same muscles with stationary circular movement. This is best achieved by using the heel of the hand or even the elbow.

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